Seasons may change, but we will all stay the same.

This awesome, revelatory kickstart to September has got me feeling extremely happy inside. The first reason being able to hang out with precious friends Karla and Andee @ The Burger Project (finally!)~ We had this plan after a mad, rad, epic Y!M conversation with friend Ria about important matters. Cleared some things up that were pure madness. It was dubbed as the Mean Girls Conference.

So anyway, we created 2 burgers at The Burger Project. The first one was called the “Ooh, Burn! Burger”. This was inspired by Easy A. Yeah, we are epic fans. This one had eggs and Canadian Bacon. And this is my favorite, MY GOHD IT WAS HEAVEN.

The second one was called “Happy Pepe, Roni!” Hahahaha. Go figure out why. This burger had gruyere cheese and pepperoni.

Crazy, revelatory conversations ensued over the burger madness and some beef salpicao. It was basically the continuation of the Y!M madness that ensued. If there’s one thing that I learned from this specific case study of this certain person, it would be:

There will always be various versions to a story. But always, always be the better person no matter how mad the plot may be.

And if there was anything valuable that I took away from that relationship with said person, it would be that she was the walking epitome of who not to date. 😀 No regrets, no bitterness. I’d just move on from the past, and keep on living life like whoa. [To clue you in on what happened, let’s just say that she’s been doing re-tweeting and doing stupid things that just don’t make sense. And when we think about it, it just makes us laugh about everything.]

Later that night, met up with my college best friends aka 4Laloo (with Andee, yet again!) I missed these girls so much, and a lot has happened to each of us since the last time we met up. It only goes to show how much can change in a span of less than half a year!

Seasons change, and so will we–but I know of one thing that will never change.



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