The Tale of Murasaki

The Quote Repository from the book The Tale of Murasaki by Liza Dalby:

When you have been intimate with someone and then you discover wide areas where your thoughts do not mesh, gradually you begin to be irritated by all sorts of little things that would never have bothered you before. Habits you once found charming are now tiresome.

However, when it came to you, I found myself ignoring the little details. Except when you’re drunk, because you really have a way of making me worry like a mad bitch. :/

Ruri sensed that my feelings had changed. It was not her fault. She responded to my silences by trying harder to fill them, yet that only made me withdraw further.


Frozen stiff by ice, my writing brush cannot begin to draw you a picture of my feelings.

And because the quote fonts are too big, let’s put the others in regular version:

“Drinking allows things to be said that need to be said, but are too uncomfortable in normal situations.”

“We don’t appreciate things until they begin to change and die.”

“I had been lulled into thinking that I could escape change, that I could exist like the garden pond, fed just enough water to maintain a certain depth and shape. Perhaps I had become stagnant as a result.”

To be able to be silent with someone is, I think, the ultimate test of a karmic connection.

“Now I had come to see that reality could be more unreal than anything one could dream up in fiction.”

“Is it so outrageous to make love with an animal? Even if that love must spring from karmic vows of former lives?”

“It becomes rather a battle, you see, each trying to take from the other without giving up one’s own essence.”

“That doesn’t seem quite fair, does it? Much better to spar with a partner who starts out with a full set of yin.”

“It is always a mistake to write about something you don’t know.”

“Why did those interminable rains evoke such melancholy when in fact the memories they brought back were fond? It must be the recalling that is sad, I decided. The person, the situation, have vanished.”

“…relationships are usually composed of one who is anchored and one who floats.”

She dreams of a romantic figure who would appear one day, like a miracle dropped from the moon, who could truly appreciate her. A miracle, yes, but not impossible.

“Sometimes it takes an outside to point out the interest in things that have become overly familiar.”

I’m sure the devils we don’t confront within ourselves are the ones that cause the most problems.

“Nothing awakens old memories like the moon.”

True beauty is ephemeral. One may reach a point in life when this is not enough to sustain a person through the sadness of things.

“When a woman allows herself to be swayed by a man’s blandishments, and grants intimacies, even once, it is difficult to pretend later that it doesn’t matter.”


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