The Dream That Is BKK

It’s been a week since I’ve been to BKK and I still feel like I’ve a chunk of my soul back there. I’ve been there May 2011 for the first time, and I guess this time around’s the charm. Last year, everything just felt all tourist-y, with my family and all, but I guess it really boils down to who you’re with and from what lens you decide to look at things. Last year was from a generic first-timer tourist’s point of view, this time around it was on a more macro level.

So I went to BKK for a business meeting with the reps of the various regional offices. I was with my boss, and we stayed in Thonglor. The meeting was to start on a Thursday, but we arrived there Wednesday afternoon so that we had more time to wander around and have a little more fun.

Day 1:  Settling down. I was able to visit the main MEO office and meet the people working there. Rode trains that reminded me of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Before Sunrise/Sunset, and marveled at their transit services. (Awesome thing #1 that BKK does much, much better than MNL.) I was in awe at how nice the passengers were, that even on a rush hour, everybody remained courteous and gave way to people entering and alighting the train. I guess it’s a culture thing, and I rly wanted to cry knowing how nice they were ;~;







Also went out drinking and hanging out in Nana with the boss. Yup, he’s a cool boss like that.

Day 2: Back to business. Can I just add that I love our Executive Director, he’s like an Australian Sit Chito Avecilla. ‘Nuff said. Went out drinking with colleagues. Was made to sing live. Acquired video. Now an international superstar.

Day 3: Last day of business. Learned new tips and tricks for business. Went out for a last-day hangout with the colleagues. Amazed at Kinokuniya for the cheap books, cheaper books on sale, and the free book cover when you purchase a book priced at 100 THB or higher. I’m such an easy person to please, so this had me sold on the idea of living in BKK. Like Manila, but with all the perks and benefits.

IMG_7276 IMG_7340

Day 4: Chatuchak and new friends. 🙂







Bangkok is like an old friend I will never get tired of seeing, that I will never stop loving (unconditionally), not because it bears so much resemblance to Manila, a city I love and will continue loving, but because of its unique beauty that will always leave me breathless and in awe of its culture. I fear that someday, I may somehow grow tired of this city that I’ve come to love so much, but until then (and I perceive that to be a long time from now), please remain as you are. I promise to be back there, probably next year?


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