Enneagram Test Results


Point Five – the Observer

Worldview: Knowledge will keep me safe.

Unconscious Drive: Avarice

Gift: Detachment

Observers have a natural ability to detach from feelings, needs, and other people. Clarity and a cool head prevail for the Five in situations where others are emotional or succumbing to chaos. The observer stance lends itself to keen observational powers. Fives are often good listeners and do not push what they know onto others. Fives are independent, self-contained people. They delve deeply into areas of knowledge that excite them, often becoming experts in subjects they explore. They exhibit a highly developed capacity for systematization of thought, for analyzing and synthesizing complex information.

Dark Side of The Gift: 
Five’s approach can be overly mental when a more feeling approach is called for. They can seem to be distant or emotionally unavailable to the other types. Observers can seem disengaged with life, preferring the mental realms of thought to interaction. Their strong needs for privacy can extend to isolation. A belief that energy is limited can lead to compartmentalization of life. There are compartments for work, relationship,and leisure each with their concomitant time limits. Fives can withhold information, time, energy, and even themselves.

Internal Terrain
Fives have strong feelings just like everyone else, but prefer to deal with them later when safely alone. Observers feel that they only have so much energy and can be overwhelmed by too much input. They need blocks of private time to recharge. Yet, Fives can put out enormous amounts of energy if they know what is expected of them. They dislike open-ended unpredictable situations. Observers accumulate knowledge; they want to understand. Fives often feel safer if they do not share all that they know keeping some knowledge in reserve.


Point Four – The Romantic

Worldview: Something essential is missing from life. I’ll be complete if I can just find it.

Unconscious Drive: Envy

Gift: Uniqueness and Emotional Intensity.

Fours have a singular ability to be present with life’s more intense situations: grief, death, depression. Through their understanding of dark nights of the soul, they accompany others on the journey. Romantics model that you will eventually get through the difficult times, and illuminate the riches to be found in the depths. Fours brings originality and creativity to any enterprise. Often blessed with a strong sense of the dramatic and/or aesthetic, they prefer to make a unique contribution in life.

Dark side of the gift:
Romantics crave emotional intensity and connection. Their highs and lows can be perceived as “too much” for the other types. A tendency toward dramatic presentation and affect can alienate other people. The Fours’ attraction to melancholy and the “darker” emotions can seem like wallowing to the rest of us. At its worst, melancholy can slide into depression. Insistence on exhibiting their uniqueness or difference can be counterproductive to their own goals and offputting to others.

Internal terrain:
A Four feels that something is missing in his/her life. Other people have it and the Romantic envies them. The Four longs for the missing element that will make them whole. There is a bittersweet flavor to Four’s longing and melancholy. They crave a deep connection where they will be met emotionally. Authenticity is found in intense feeling states. If Four can’t find what will complete them, at least they will have intensity. Ordinariness is akin to a sort of death. Love and survival depend on being true to one’s inner emotional terrain.


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