Manila is the lover I cannot forget. His surface reeks of open (dirty) secrets, masking histories he keeps inside until he finds the one who will liberate him, who will coax him to leave loneliness behind. Eventually, his liberator will realize that it is only colonization.

Makati is the ideal lover — successful, accessible, the great provider. He is filled with knowledge beyond what her mind can fathom. He will guarantee her luxury and success. By night, she will leave him for another.

Quezon City is the lover she has always had but never yearned for. He is always beside her, a trusted comrade. He fills her with memories of youth, vibrance, and the possibilities of life. He is the city she runs to when real life gets too tough. They both know their relationship will not last as is, for she has always wanted something different and uncomfortable.

And then there’s this city, the lover she calls home. He is her comfort and assurance that no matter how far she strays, and no matter how many cities she sleeps in, there’s no place like home.


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