Takeaways from 2013

  1. Patience pays off (sometimes).
  2. Great leaders ACTUALLY exist in this boring professional world.
  3. There will always be feelings that stick with you.
  4. Starting your day at 7:00 AM is always better.
  5. Fiber-rich food = AWESOME BOWEL MOVEMENT.
  6. The inhaler is your lifesaver.
  7. You need to experience fear and death once in a while.
  8. When your division head says that you did a great job, well, maybe you actually did.
  9. Relish the feeling of success.
  10. Crying is good. Constant moodiness is shit.
  11. There is someone who is patient enough to go with you through the motions.
  12. Let go of chasing after changes.
  13. You can actually reach the summit and get a great view of the world.
  14. Ugly ducklings can be (more or less) beautiful swans.
  15. Choose one thing you can actually be good at.
  16. 8+ hours of sleep is the next best thing to sex.
  17. Alcohol and weed give you almost the same kind of high.
  18. Hindi madaling maglinis ng banyo.

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