500 Words A Day and Procrastination

Place butt in chair, fingers on keys, and start typing.

Writer Jeff Goins has just posted a challenge for those who want to improve their writing skills, or for those who do not want to run out of ideas and just continue to keep on writing. They say that three weeks make a habit, that’s why his challenge is, for those who are interested, to post 500 words or more each day, for the month of January. It can be handwritten, in blog format, or in secret aka in your personal documents. Form doesn’t matter, the point is to keep writing and to keep putting down what’s in your head.

I’ve wanted to take on the challenge to the best of my ability, since this is my disease — I keep putting off ideas, shutting them off in the back of my head, to save for later… Until it becomes forgotten, or I’ve gotten too lazy to take it seriously. I have had a long list of potential topics taken down for future publishing, only to end up as eight-word concepts neatly kept in some notebook I would have stored under my bed, or disposed of. Yes, that’s my greatest disease.

Stupid me, you could have written something else other than your stupid 2012 romantic dilemma. You could have written about your first job, your first year, your first kerengkeng for the year, your first concert, what you felt about the Red Wedding, how you went crazy during the Tegan and Sara concert, how tourist-y it felt being around people who spoke a completely different dialect, why Phoebe is the sweetest thing on earth, or you felt when you watched Lost In Translation or Before Midnight.

I would like to TRY and do this because I feel like I’ve gotten worse in expressing my emotions.

So,  yeah. More reading and writing for 2014. Whatever it may be about.

And I’m going to start writing on my 2014 planner.


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