Because I’ve promised myself that 2014 will be the year of changes, transitions, and (hopefully) improvements, part of the plan is to be more tolerant of physical pain. I feel like I’ve had enough practice in the aspect of pain (hello, full-body waxing!) that has prepared me for this: getting inked.

There is nothing more absolute than getting a tattoo — what’s seared into your skin will never leave, unless you experience the higher degree of anguish of having it removed. I’ve spent the first half of 2014 mulling over the symbol of self-identity,  the brand I would like to portray. With enough introspection, I have come to a decision.




Since highschool, I’ve always had a fascination for the moon — its gloom, phases, and mysterious, two-faced nature. The plan is to get the phases of the moon tattooed across my collarbone, much like a necklace.



Having Valkyrie as your name gives you enough motivation to be it. I would want the Valkyrie wings inked on my spine.


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