Twenty-three Discoveries


The wisdom of impacted teeth: They will always come out at the wrong time, so there’s no other course of action but to pull them out IMMEDIATELY. They force themselves at the most inconvenient time in your life. You think, “you asshole, you would have been a perfect fit weeks, months, or years ago!” They’re supposed to be absent in your mouth for a reason, and when these pesky, maladjusted teeth push for it, pull ’em right out. It’ll leave a bad taste, but just a bit of mouthwash should do.


Love is a choice, always. It’s more than just an emotion we evolved to feel, and is so easily felt, so easily distinguished, as long as you don’t think about it. I’ve “fallen in love” with so many people at 23 years old, sometimes, for the right reasons, mostly, at the wrong time. Love is a mix of carefully crafted ingredients, and sometimes, it’s plain luck and coincidence. Regardless of how it’s concocted, it’s still a decision. For almost two years now, I’ve always chosen you, day in and day out. And that is all that matters.


You are not the reflection of those who can’t love you. Always look to those who can, and stand in anticipation of those who have yet to. You don’t have to chase them, for there are times when it’s not up to you to decide. People will come and go, and all you need to do is love.


If you’re observant, nothing is trivial. Overthinking is such a pleasure when done right. How that works, I can’t exactly explain. Revel in the minute details and learn to appreciate them as they are. Not all details are devilish, it is if we decide that it is.


You need to take a break and pass out once in a while. Harness the power of the work-life balance. Put off what you can do tomorrow, because you will never entirely run out of stuff to do. Pacing is key, and it is never wrong to have fun.


The only way it’s gonna work is if it doesn’t matter. Overflowing desires will make you mad, and this leads us to the next discovery…


Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like. You don’t have to be in control of everything, so let go of the rest. What will be, will be.


Some connections are just meant to be broken. Break ties with whom you must.


Stop and smell the roses. Chill lang.


Sometimes, one is enough. You don’t have to give a fuck about everything and everyone. Give a fuck over what matters.


Your own happiness should come first. Happiness is centrifugal.


You don’t always have to expose yourself. There are parts of ourselves that we must keep hidden from everyone else. There is always a part we must keep to ourselves. I like compartmentalization.


Don’t always believe the hype. Do your research. Stand up for what is right, and don’t take sides.


Books will always be the perfect respite from reality. Thanks to Murakami and the rest, I’ve been able to cope with the past year with renewed insight and a stronger stand on so many issues.


Always find a way to improve yourself, every single day. I am bisexual, for context, and I find something, and someone, to fall in love with, every day. I strive to find hope and wonder and novelty in the most mundane things, and, it’s amazing!


Things will change, but surprisingly, they stay the same. Case in point: this poster! Lol.


When in doubt, turtleneck. And the color black, for an instant confidence boost.


Every now and then, look back and remember. Look back in remembrance, but not because of a desire to go back to what was once real. Look back, and keep moving forward. Just so you won’t forget.


Eight hours of sleep is the most important part of the day. Don’t be a zombie, snooze if you have to.


Simple is better. Always!


Contrary to the previous discovery, look for the simplest way, but always go for what is most interesting. Choose the most sensible path, but also that which will be most colorful.


Just listen. Don’t take it for granted, for very few do that nowadays.


Embrace every day as if it was one big adventure after another.


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