Exhibit A:

An approach that involves feelings. 

They say you’re the kind of person easily fascinated by others as long as you click with them emotionally.

Never mind their (professional) shortcomings and how they could possibly poison wells.

Never mind that you, unknowingly, are fueling the fire to your own undoing.

Never mind that they tolerate all of your shortcomings and errors,

Never mind that you purposely overlook the necessary processes that we should go through before taking on the enemies on the battleground.

Never mind that they lash out at each other in secret, that we let conflicts brew from down under and that we can’t say it in front of each other,

Never mind that they cover up each other’s corruption, slowly eroding us from within, destroying what culture and good relationships we have left.

Never mind that we exploit those with an all-too-pure and genuine intent to see us emerge successful — “don’t pay them no mind!”

Never mind that we don’t see our battles through, and never mind if, at the end of the day, we still have ourselves left intact.


Exhibit B:

An approach that involves careful thinking. 

Anyone but you.


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