When the one thing you hate the most is the only thing that can save you right now…


My daily routine plays out like this:

5:30 AM – Prepare for work (9:00 AM)

7:00 AM – Leave the pad to be able to ride the bus without being crushed, harassed, or stolen from (Makati to Ortigas)

8:00 AM – Arrive in Ortigas, have breakfast

8:30 AM – Arrive in the office

7:00 PM – Leave the office

I adhere to a strict schedule of being able to take the bus at 7:00 AM or earlier, because the slightest mistake of arriving at the bus stop at 7:10 or 7:15 would mean waiting for an hour and a half before getting lucky. So, either be reaaaaaaaaaally early or be reaaaaaaaaaally late.

I despise buses. I really do. But I don’t have much of a choice, but it’s the most convenient mode of transportation from where I’m from. And if you live in Manila, the big public transportation issue is not news. It’s a part of the daily grind and you end up losing if you don’t start keeping up.

There’s something reaaaaaally wrong with that kind of blind acceptance, but then again, the country, let alone Manila, has 2034752035 more problems than that… so, that’s that.

Buses, oh how I hate them.

But on rainy night like these, how I desperately chase after them, and cling on for dear life.


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