Putting Things Into Perspective

I haven’t seen my cat, Phoebe, since New Year’s Day, when I had to go back to my Makati apartment and start another life with two of the most adorable kittens I’ve had to adopt (name Fili and Kili). I’ve gotten accustomed to co-existing with them for the whole month of January, and getting used to their tiny, kittypatootie existence — that coming back home to Phoebe after almost a month shocked me.

SHE WAS FAT! Well, not particularly obese, but I later on realized that it was taking a step back and taking things into proportion with something else that made me see it. She was almost three years old, and I’ve never felt happier that for the first time since I’ve started helping stray cats out, I’ve actually been able to see one through to three years of quality life.

I’ve officially adopted more than 10 cats since 2003, and have been able to provide food and shelter to close to 50 feral cats. None have actually lived to be as healthy as Phoebe now.

Though I have to admit, I haven’t taken her back to the vet yet, but that I plan to do as soon as possible (since I would like to switch her to a raw diet), and I’d like to get her bloodwork done because I don’t want her growing old with diabetes.


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