Two nights ago, I was scared witless upon witnessing a huge rat crawl across my brother’s bed and heading towards a box at the foot of his bed. Being the messy siblings that we are, it was hard to locate where he hid (even for our cat), for we had almost ten years’ worth of junk in our bedroom. Hence, Proclamation 0401 was declared, and the following day, we vowed to declutter and dispose of our junk, determined to locate the BIG-ASS RAT’S WHEREABOUTS.

Unfortunately, to our dismay, the rat was never found, and it left us perplexed, more than ever, as to where it came from, how it had gotten in our room (we never, EVER had rats that big inside our house), and where it had escaped (if ever it did).

Maybe, just maybe — it was just a sign from the Universe, saying it was about time that we moved our asses and cleaned our room.

It was a catharsis of sorts.


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