The Age of Resistance


1. When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body, so said Isaac Newton.

2. Resistance at work. When the realities of work slowly descend upon you, there is an internal resistance that however fierce, you will be unable to act on. Driven by the need to succeed, the fear of failure, the financial aspect, the desire to be promoted, the agony of the inability to resist. You tell yourself, this is where you are, right now. This is where you’ll be until you decide to move on. You understand that it is through challenges and inevitable failures that one learns, it is through sacrifice and submission that we change. The result is still unknown. All I understand right now is that either you swallow it or you stay out.

3. Success comes to those who are hungry. On one of our many car rides to work, my boss talked about how, as a young and hungry advertising manager, she felt antsy and restless in a previous office, driving her to chase more challenging pursuits. She told me, if you’re hungry and driven enough, restless working environments will suit you greatly and give you a lot of space to prove yourself. I thought to myself, “is it something innate in me? Am I hungry enough to sacrifice in pursuit of ‘success’?”

4. But success is different for everyone. At one point,  I said, “I don’t want to be successful! I just want to be happy!” I imagined myself in a fixed-state 9-6 client-side type of work, where, surely, I will have more control of the other aspects of my life. Will it be the same in my previous client-oriented job, where there were times I questioned myself and my purpose in this company, where I got restless, antsy, even though I was able to do the things I wanted? What exactly was my definition of success?

5. Until now, I’m not sure of where and how much I am willing to commit. Other millennials, as I’ve read, are more equipped to stay focused and steady in more work-oriented lifestyles. A lot of acquaintances I’ve had back in college, are so driven, that I’ve been driven to question myself. Honestly, I’ve never felt more insecure with what I had to offer.

6. Success is the middle ground. I still want to be able to enjoy weekends without client or supplier calls. Success is when I am able to sleep for 8 hours a night without suddenly waking up at 3 in the morning because I keep dreaming of pending work. It is when I am able to take occasional walks when my head is clear, and my mind is in the here and the now. I could be happy if I had more rest, and were less restless.

7. Success would be taking control of the situation, but learning to let go and letting things fall into place.

8. Synergy with the Universe, synergizing with success.


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