Just Like Honey: Lost In Translation

Lost_in_Translation_434“Finding the most special person and then letting them go, makes and keeps them special forever without getting spoiled or soiled by anything.”

According to Roger Ebert, Lost In Translation is the perfect  illustration of the Japanese concept “mono no aware”, which refers to the fleetingness of life – people, moments, and things. There are forces that will pull you toward another person – in this case, loneliness – which will begin such an experience.


April 26, 2016:

Interestingly, I was looking through my blog drafts and I saw this unfinished entry from two years ago. The intention from that time past is lost to me. But coincidentally, I’ve rewatched Lost in Translation last weekend, and it’s transported me back to times when all I’ve known was the fleetingness of experience with another, because I don’t believe in permanence, and it only becomes, as long as intended. Loneliness, coincidence, destiny – there are so many reasons why we come and go, and sometimes, when we’re lucky – why we stay.

If any, what I’ve learned most is learning to accept impermanence, leaning to appreciate what is here and now without regard for what lies ahead. With all the clutter inside each compartment in my head, I thirst to run away sometimes, or to just be here, or to just be.

So many things are lost to me, but countless emotions like tangled strings connected to god-knows-who, what, or where, they stay. All of these embedded in memories that we choose to remember. Each a story, each a tear shed, each a smile meant for another. Each, as time goes by, gets lost in translation, fades into memory, but truth is, we never forget. At least for me I don’t.


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