A Breather

The past three months have been excruciating, frustrating, a rollercoaster ride of so many feelings like never before. Most of it stemmed from frustrations over work, that while having been successful with staging numerous debut events for the organization left me feeling empty and unsatisfied. I still haven’t felt complete at east and at home with them even though it will have been one year already by December. I don’t know why I don’t feel at home, I haven’t made any real friends except being able to confide with my boss. She’s cool, too, but I guess the emptiness I’ve been feeling is stemming from a lot of organizational dissatisfaction by how the senior management team handles a lot of processes and approaches towards workflow and manpower management. They’re not able to maximize time and resources because everything’s so last minute, that you have to condition yourself to just meet the bare minimum because not much thorough planning has been put into it.

Having come from an advertising and marketing background, I am used to have processes that you have to follow because it REALLY HELPS and it contributes to employee satisfaction. I’m not happy, I guess that’s just what I want to say.

I’ve almost had my work dream team, twice, and it slipped away. I guess with career, all you can do is try, and just trust yourself. Anyway, if you know you’re just pretty awesome with it, that should get you through anything, right?



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